Our environment is where we find our adventures, that’s why Cathedral Peak Hotel is committed to ensuring our remote, pristine, isolated valley and the communities that surround it are taken care of. Below are just a few ways in which we safeguard everything that borders our beautiful hotel:


  • We supply food to 8 pre-primary schools on a weekly basis.
  • The hotel regularly assist High Schools and Primary Schools with specific requests and various functions.
  • 3 in-service students from the community attend a work-experience programme with us


  • Our firewood stems from a managed sustainable wattle plantation.
  • We actively eradicate alien plants and rehabilitate grasslands through a programme employing labour from neighbouring communities.
  • We only re-plant and landscape with indigenous vegetation
  • The hotel does constant Donga reclamation and path maintenance to minimise erosion on Cathedral Peak Hotel property.
  • Our on-site water purification system ensures potable water is discharged back into the river system.
  • We help the earth through energy-saver globes, timer switches and day/night sensors.
  • We have spent over R700 000 replacing conventional geysers with low energy consuming heat pumps.


  • Cathedral Peak Hotel donates food, clothes & linen on an on-going basis.
  • We employ local cultural performers for hotel entertainment.
  • All staff receive HIV/AIDS education, awareness and training through a programme with external counselors.
  • 70% of our workforce consists of people from neighbouring communities.


Cathedral Peak Hotel is situated in a remote, pristine, and isolated valley. The hotel’s relationship to the environment and the community surrounding the area is extremely important.

Cathedral Peak Hotel is committed to giving back to the community and the upcoming generations. Through the involvement with Pack for a Purpose, Cathedral Peak Hotel hopes to uplift local schools and provide them with the appropriate equipment and tools needed in their schooling environments.

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caring for the environment