It was a recent comment from a guest who’d just finished a round of golf on the Cathedral Peak Golf Course that inspired this post. As he sat down in Albert’s Bar he said,

“I don’t think there’s another golf course in South Africa that you can truly say is IN THE MOUNTAINS. That was one of the most spectacular rounds of golf I’ve ever played.”

We weren’t sure if he was correct? Certainly there are many Golf Courses in the ‘shadow of mountains’ but could we claim that Cathedral Peak’s golf course is truly in the mountains? And if we could, are there any others? Of course there is much that is said about Cathedral Peak Golf Course:

What is said about Cathedral Peak Golf Course?

Set against a majestic mountain backdrop the challenging and immaculate 9-hole golf course has been termed the ‘thinking golfer’s’ course. – Golf Today UK

The club house boasts rest rooms, a lounge area, pub (Philip’s Pholy) and a terrace with panoramic Drakensberg mountain views – the perfect 19th hole. – Golf Advisor

Few courses in the World have a more spectacular setting and although it clearly has no pretensions to being a championship test, it must be added to the list of veritable gems among our country courses – Compleat Golfer

Set in spectacular Berg scenery the Cathedral Peak Golf course was designed and built by Roly Taylor with the collaboration of his well known brother, Reg. The course was opened on 13 January 1996 by Dayle Hayes. – GolfKZN

Can we claim ‘in the Mountains’?

The search is on. What are the criteria for claiming ‘in the mountains’? Of course we’ve Googled, and we’ve spoken to the smartest people we know. We haven’t managed to find a definitive answer, yet. However, it’s become a project of our Marketing Team to find someone who can help us discover the criteria for claiming ‘in the mountains’.

Until then we’ll leave it to the opinion of the Golfers who enjoy a spectacular round of Golf on what could be South Africa’s only Golf Course in the Mountains…..

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