Having two webcams of the Drakensberg Mountains was a response to guests who kept asking if there was any way we could give them regular updates of the views they’d fallen in love with during their stay at Cathedral Peak Hotel. We started with one webcam online, and then installed the second one. We meet once or twice each year to discuss the best views to focus on, which is never easy when you’re surrounded by mountains, and where the sunrise and sunset are equally beautiful.

If you ever wonder what’s happening in the Drakensberg at Cathedral Peak Hotel, you no longer have to. Cathedral Peak Hotel has two live cams running 24 hours a day. Whether it’s day or night, summer or winter, a clear day, raining or snow, you can digitally transport yourself instantly into one of the Drakensberg’s most beautiful locations via our live webcams.

We also supply Snow Report with our live feed so that their users can see the snow status of the Drakensberg at Cathedral Peak Hotel.

Click on the link under each of the images to see a 3 hour time lapse.