Complete all 4 hikes (over any time period) and receive the Cathedral 4 Award (medal and a certificate). It’s 10.5 hours of walking and hiking. It’s a fantastic achievement for any level of hiker.

Please remember to complete the register in order to qualify. Speak to our entertainment team or reception for further details.


Time: 60 – 90 min
Difficulty: A (gentle walk)

These are the most frequently visited falls in the area as they are easily accessible, offer a deep pool for swimming and a cool, shady and spacious spot for hot summers days. You can also walk behind the falls if you are prepared for a scramble. You can also follow the path leading up to the right of the falls to get to the pools on top of the falls. The views are amazing.


Time: 120 min
Difficulty: B (moderate)

A cool shady indigenous forest with impressive ferns and tall yellowwoods and a few pools is what you will find at the end of this walk which you can get to in about 45 minutes. You do, however, have to cross the UMlambonja River to get there and this means getting your feet wet crossing at the weir where water is taken off into the trout Farm. After heavy rains the river is occasionally too high to cross safely.


Time: 150 – 180min
Difficulty: C (strenuous)

This geological feature is about 400 metres above the Hotel. It is a steep uphill walk but with a clear path and well-worn steps. At one point there is a small ladder (2m) to be climbed. It faces down the valley but a short walk around (20m) from the rock gives you a good view of Cathedral Peak the Bell and the Outer and Inner Horns.


Time: 240 min
Difficulty: C (strenuous)

Bear in mind this hike is not for the faint hearted, it does require a level of fitness but when taken at a moderate pace even the non-fit will manage. There are sections that are very steep, precipitous edges, and rock scrambles that ensure for an interesting and challenging hike, the view from the top is well worth the effort.